What is a

rcw-icon-questionA watershed is a geographic area that drains to a common body of water through creeks, rivers, and the storm drain system. We all live in a watershed, and our individual actions can directly affect its environmental and recreational attributes.

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Opportunities Assessment

rcw-icon-downloadRead the Rose Creek Watershed Opportunities Assessment and other reports. The Assessment includes recommendations of actions that can be taken to protect and enhance the watershed for the benefit of current and future visitors.

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Rose Creek Watershed Alliance

rcw-icon-leafThe Rose Creek Watershed Alliance, established in 2005, is a group of organizations formed to help plan the future of the 23,427-acre Rose Creek Watershed in San Diego County, California.

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View our Three-part Film Series

You’re invited on a virtual tour of the Rose Creek Watershed. These three short films explore the watershed’s creeks, canyons and marshes with local experts dedicated to its protection and highlight how they are all connected. This series was produced by Jim Karnik Films.

 Exploring the Rose Creek Watershed: Rose Canyon Open Space Park

 Exploring the Rose Creek Watershed: Marian Bear Natural Park (San Clemente Creek)

 Exploring the Rose Creek Watershed: Lower Rose Creek

Plan Your Visit


Rose Canyon Open Space Park offers a wide variety of hiking opportunities.

rcw-icon-compassThe Rose Creek Watershed offers a variety of recreational opportunities for walkers, hikers and cyclists just minutes from I-5 and SR-52. The parks and trail systems within the watershed are full of shady sycamore trees to relax under, native wildlife to watch, and challenging trails to summit with a mountain bike.

  Where is the Rose Creek Watershed?

  Access points to Rose Canyon and Marian Bear Memorial Park

 Rose Canyon Open Space Park Trail Map

 Marian Bear Memorial Park Trail Map

 Rose Canyon Bicycle Trail Map

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Quick Updates

Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project Update

The Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project will extend Trolley service from Santa Fe Depot in Downtown San Diego to the University City community, serving major activity centers such as UCSD and Westfield UTC. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2015, with service starting in 2018. The route is proposed to travel in existing railroad corridors alongside I-5 all the way to Gilman Drive through the Rose Creek Watershed. A draft environmental review document was recently released and was available for public comment between May 17-July 17, 2013. The document identifies potential impacts that may result from the implementation of the project and proposed mitigation measures to address impacts. Several members of the Rose Creek Watershed Alliance analyzed this document and provided comments. Click below to view their comments.

Other News

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