Park Access

Easy Public Access to Rose Canyon Open Space Park

  • Enter on Genesee Avenue, across from the University City High School. During non-school hours you can park in the high school parking lot and cross Genesee Avenue at the light.
  • Enter where Regents Road dead ends on the south side of the canyon, two blocks north on Regents Road from Governor Drive at the intersection of Regents Road and Lahitte Court. Free street parking is available.
  • Enter near the intersection of Bothe and Bloch on the south side of the canyon in west University City.

Easy Public Access to Marian Bear Memorial Park

  • Enter from Genesee Ave or Regents Road just south of Highway 52; parking and picnic areas with restroom facilities are available.
  • Follow the Standley Park trail from behind the children’s play structure located behind the Recreation Center at Standley Park. Standley Park is at Governor Drive and Mercer Street; parking is available. Walk south and the trail will cross Syracuse Ave before passing under Highway 52 and entering San Clemente Canyon and the Marian Bear Memorial Park.